“Stones in a Glass House” Accepted by Lucky Jefferson 365

Historic_National_Road_-_Frank_Lloyd_Wright's_Fallingwater_-_NARA_-_7719312Photo credit: Department of Transportation. Federal Highway Administration. Office of Planning, Environment, and Realty. Office of Natural and Human Environment. National Scenic Byways Program. 1991-. Historic National Road – Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater. 1995-2013. Wikimedia Commons. PD.

I am excited to report that Lucky Jefferson has accepted my poem, “Stones in a Glass House,” for their online 365 Collection, “a collective of poetry featuring works that transcend theme, style, and genre.” I am looking forward to experiencing this transcendence as I familiarize myself with the collection. I am also signed up for Lucky Jefferson‘s free poetry workshop. This is my second writing workshop. The other one doesn’t have live feedback, but I think this one does, which is exciting. Finally, I’m excited about Lucky Jefferson because they specifically mention writers who began later in life as  people they are “proud to feature,” and since I am one of these, I find this gratifying.

I’m especially happy the editors chose “Stones in a Glass House” because I’m not sure exactly what it is saying, yet I have an abiding affection for it. It’s about my husband and me getting old–I know that much.

I hope you are all staying safe and happy. Cheers.  

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