“Bad Date” Accepted at The Courtship of Winds


I am pleased to announce that my story, “Bad Date,” has been accepted by The Courtship of Winds and will appear in their next issue. I’m grateful to Editor William V. Ray for appreciating the story.

“Bad Date” is special to me because it was conceived on my twenty-fifth anniversary trip to Berlin. My husband and I ate at a fancy restaurant, one of whose walls was almost covered by an enormous painting of a dumpster in a forest glade. I just started imagining the sort of guy who would think this was a great place to take someone. Luckily enough (?), I had indeed (decades ago, obviously) gone out with someone who might, with a little updating, fit the bill, and voilà, a story was born.

I do not know much about The Courtship of Winds yet, but I selected it to submit to because a brief perusal showed me that Editor Ray had a taste for sophisticated humor. I look forward to familiarizing myself further with his journal.

Photo credit: Neekoh.fi, Dumpster. 6 June 2012. CC-by 2.0.

Two More Can Poems and a Senryu up at M58


Graphic I created for my can poem, “Can #10: spindrift Sparkling Water”

I am happy to report that two more can poems and a “Trending Facebook Feed Senryu” are seeing the light today in M58. Many thanks to Editor Andrew Taylor, another voice pushing the poetry envelope.

This batch includes my least favorite can poem, #10, and my current favorite, lucky #13. For #10, I felt there was barely enough material there, and I feel certain some readers will come away feeling it says nothing much. Still, I think it does enough to qualify for membership in what I hope will become a chapbook of twenty-five. #13, on the other hand, has action, rich and inventive imagery, and story. Thank you, Progresso Bread Crumbs, Italian Style.

The third poem literally popped up in my Trending Facebook Feed, back when Facebook had that. I couldn’t pass up its rich, though loose and open-ended, associations.

That is the little family out today, and I am happy to think of them rubbing shoulders with the likes of Jeff Bagato’s conceptual nonsense poems, A616’s intriguing video about the Lea MarshesHolly Painter’s inventive “Cryptic Crosswords,”  and John Cope’s “Vine Stalk Poem after Camilla Nelson.” 

So if you feel you need something new in your life, head over to M58. Enjoy the poetry buffet there, and don’t forget to let the “crispy casseroles” of “Can #13” “toss your seas.”


Five Can Poems Up at Brave New Word


I’m grateful to Editor Volodymyr Bilyk for including five of my can poems in Issue #13 of Brave New Word. It is especially gratifying to read in his introductory “Editor’s Note” that he believes the work in this issue is “good. Really good.” I look forward to reading the whole issue.

In the brief interim between my acceptance and this publication, I have been perusing some other issues, and have already gotten some education in avant-garde poetry, learning about mail art and the Art Strike, and generally enjoying the eclectic offerings.

I encourage everyone to check out Editor Bilyk’s unique curatorial vision, pushing the boundaries of all that poetry can be. 

Photo credit: EPA. OLD STYLE CASH REGISTER AND CANNED GOODS. . . . Wikimedia Commons. PD.