“A Trip to the Seashore” Out in Coffin Bell


I was pleased to see that my story, “A Trip to the Seashore,” is out in Coffin Bell, issue 3 no. 3. I first wrote about the story here. In the interim since the story was accepted, I have been reading stories from earlier issues, and I find I am in the company of a rich variety of talented, melancholy, and spooky writers. So many thanks to the editors, and please go check out the journal.

In “A Trip to the Seashore,” as in other stories I have written, children’s literature plays a role. The daughter of the family has been influenced by a series of tales about “the Longagos” and their simple, happy doings–I was thinking of the inveterately racist Bobbsey Twins books (my mother’s copies, which I read as a child, were from the era to which I’ve linked). The family’s journey in my story is a dark counterpart to the uncritical brightness of such tales.

It seems fitting that today, July 4th, I decided to mosey over to Coffin Bell and discovered that my story about the disastrous consequences of greed, inattention, and not enough love anywhere had been published. I hope this is not the direction our country and our world decide to go in, but I am not very optimistic.

If you are celebrating, I hope you will stay safe and constructively critical. We’re having a quiet dinner at home.


Photo credit: Anonymous, Jellyfish Swarm. 31 July 2014. Wikimedia Commons. PD.