Honorable Mention at Allegory



Photo credit: Sealle, Glass half full or half empty. 3 Aug. 2017. Wikimedia Commons. CC BY-SA 4.0.

I don’t usually post about rejection. I assume most of us would prefer to dwell on that inevitability as little as possible. But this one had a few redeeming features, so I thought I would mention it, in the spirit of viewing the glass as half full.  

From their hundreds of submissions, Editor Ty Drago and his associates at Allegory choose twelve that fit together for each issue. The titles and authors of other stories the editors liked are listed in an “Honorable Mention” category. That’s where I and my story’s title, “The Pussy Hat,” will be in the next issue.

Not great news, but on the other hand, gets my name out there a little, and Editor Drago said nice things about how much he liked the story, which validates my efforts even more than having it on a list. I hope the piece will see the light of day eventually.