“The Jet-Black Knight” Accepted by 34 Orchard


FALLUJAH, Iraq – An assault team from B Company, 1st Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment, Regimental Combat Team 5, conducts a raid on a possible suicide vehicle bomb workshop in Fallujah.

I was excited and happy to discover tonight that my story, “The Jet-Black Knight,” has been accepted by 34 Orchard. I must especially thank Editor Kristi Petersen Schoonover for giving me expert editorial advice and encouragement with her initial rejection of the piece. I managed to fix it to her satisfaction, and I’m grateful to her for helping me improve it.

I discussed the story here. It is about an Iraq War veteran who has PTSD. I was nervous about it because of its sharp anti-war message and my not being a veteran, but I tried to present the narrator respectfully. I did a lot of research on raids, weaponry, and video games (especially Halo) for it, and I used speech patterns from Alabama to help ground the narrator/protagonist in an individualized identity. And now this (and revision) has paid off. I will even get a small fee.

“The Jet-Black Knight” will be out in November. As always, I look forward to familiarizing myself with the sad, haunting fare at 34 Orchard while awaiting publication.  


Photo credit: United States Marine Corp, Marines raid Fallujah garage.jpg. 28 May 2006. Wikimedia Commons. PD.

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