“Second Honeymoon” Accepted for Darkhouse Love Anthology


Just received the gratifying news that my story, “Second Honeymoon,” will be published in the fall or spring in one of two planned anthologies: What We Talk About When We
Talk About It: Variations on the Theme of Love, Volume 1, or the same, Volume 2. I don’t know much about Darkhouse, but my story seemed to me to fit their call for stories examining many different types of love and love in different types of situations, and I was pleased to find I had judged correctly. The story was one of a handful selected from close to 2000 submissions!

I was traveling with my husband in the Netherlands some time ago and having a great time when I happened to imagine what our trip would be like if our marriage were not going well. How would the art, the food, the expensive hotels, the romantic scenery, be experienced by a couple who were trying to pretend things were OK when they weren’t, or trying to force romance to blossom (or blossom again)? So I wrote about such a couple in The Hague–hence the Girl with the Pearl Earring, above, though the middle-aged female protagonist in my story explicitly deplores excessive selfie-taking.

I look forward to the editing process with Darkhouse Books, and to familiarizing myself with one of their anthologies while I wait for them to publish my story.


Photo credit: Mitchell Grafton, Das Mädchen mit dem Perlenohrgehänge. Selfie. 22 Feb. 2012. CC BY-SA 3.0.