“Government Buildings . . . ” Out Again, and a Review

Government buildings reflected in a government building in Berlin, along the Spree. Taken by me, 2018.

I am happy to see that my poem, “Government Buildings in Berlin, 2018,” is out again in The Bookends Review. Many thanks to the editors, especially Editor-in-Chief Jordan Blum, who graciously accepted it as a reprint. I previously wrote about the poem here, and I am happy that Bookends included an explanatory note that you can read under the poem. It was first published in After the Pause.

From the admittedly small sampling I have read in Bookends, I would say the editors have an ear for beautiful language and an affection for all things quirky, offbeat, and original. So it’s not that surprising they liked my poem. Please go check out the other intriguing fare at the journal.

And now, another review of Russell T Davies’s It’s a Sin:

The character on the bobby’s back has had a breakthrough.

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