“Magic” Up at Pine Cone Review

Darrell Taylor, Magic Kingdom – SpectroMagic Parade. 22 Oct. 2006. Wikimedia CommonsCC BY 2.0.

The creative nonfiction piece I wrote about here is now up at The Pine Cone Review. I’m fond of it, although it would have taken a truly spectacular piece to start to do Isabella justice. The Pine Cone team has paired “Magic” with an appropriate picture focusing on a dropped and broken ice cream cone. Many thanks to the editors.

In other news, the round table discussion over at 2% Milk has not yet been posted, but I promise to alert you when it is. In the meantime, check out the artists there and at Pine Cone.

Interview Up at Mulberry Literary

I am gratified that the editors of Mulberry Literary decided to ask me a set of well-thought-out, probing questions, and have now put these and my answers up on their site. Many thanks to Katie Lynn Johnston and the Mulberry Literary team for creating and publishing the interview.

Because “home” is something of a theme in the poem the editors selected (“Mercy,” which I wrote about here), the Mulberry team asked about it in the interview. I found I had a lot to say about home and my feelings about it. I even realized, while I was answering the interview questions, that home was a central theme in my work. So the interview is titled, “The Many Meanings of Home with Lorna Wood.” Go check it out.

My home when I was growing up. Taken by me, much later.

Fevers of the Mind Interview, and a Review

My novel, The Jesus Wars, taken by me.

Editor David L. O’Nan, over at Fevers of the Mind, recently accepted a poem I wrote about Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” But he did not stop there. When I expressed an interest in being interviewed by him, he immediately sent me questions to respond to, and now my “Quick 9” interview is up at Fevers. Besides sending the questions and posting the interview, Editor O’Nan took the time to find images of the books I mentioned as being influences. It was fun to see the jacket of A Paper Zoo again. Thanks to Editor O’Nan for the opportunity to talk about what made me the writer I am and to plug my books, especially The Jesus Wars.

So if you’d like to know a bit more about my hyper-intellectual TV-less childhood, my love of British wit, and my literary struggle against fascism, head on over.

If not, here’s A Review for you anyway. I’m sorry about the 50-second false start last time. My son left it on his page, and I posted it without realizing it was the wrong one. So here is the actual Lupin review: