Cohen Anthology Arrives

Anthology inspired by Leonard Cohen, Before I Turn Into Gold. Taken by me, against a background of my favorite striped azaleas.

This anthology arrived today. It has my poem, ““Hearing ‘Hallelujah’ at the Women’s March, 2017,” in it. I wrote about the poem here. The volume seems to contain a good variety of work, and the visual art is good, too, as the cover suggests.

I like the pose here. The tilted angle of the head and the back turned toward the viewer convey introspection, but there is also a certain intransigence in the cane and the way the figure blocks us. At the same time, the hat is almost rakish. The picture captures a lot without showing us the face. If you would like to contemplate more interesting responses to Cohen, click on the title link in the caption, above, and buy yourself a Kindle or paperback copy.

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