“Kayaking on Lady Bird Lake” Is Up at Hotazel Review

Railroad bridge over Lady Bird Lake. Taken by me, while kayaking.

I am excited to see one of my favorite poems up in Hotazel Review. The editors have paired the poem with a lovely, evocative illustration by Griet van der Meulen. I wrote about “Kayaking on Lady Bird Lake” here. I like it because it is feminist and anti-big tech, plastic, and fascist, racist policing, but it’s also lyrical. It records a wonderful small adventure–I had never been kayaking before, for starters–that was full of contrasts and contradictions, as I said in my earlier post.

Many thanks to Editor-in-Chief Linda Ann Strang, Roving Editor Warren Jeremy Rourke, and Poetry Editors Shaun Pieter Clamp and Kharys Ateh Laue. Although I have not had time to fully explore Issue 1 of Hotazel Review, the pieces I have read are varied and compelling. So go check out my first publication in South Africa!

People gathered on the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin, TX, to see the bats fly out at dusk. Taken by me.

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