Two Poems Out in MOLLYHOUSE, and Cohen Anthology Update

I am pleased that my poems, “Koans for the Late Anthropocene” and “100% Pure,” are now out in MOLLYHOUSE, Issue 4 (pp. 38-40). Again, thanks to Editor Raymond Luczak.

I wrote about these poems here. The first koan in “Koans . . . ” imagines the consequences had Don Quixote encountered real giants (hence the photo, above). His struggle would still have been viewed as quixotic. I see this koan as evoking the view of activism in the 1980s versus now. In the 1980s, we were gaslit into thinking it was quixotic to struggle against neoliberalism because we weren’t giving this useful and productive worldview a chance. Now that its failure is spectacularly evident, we are told it is quixotic to struggle because corporations are just too big and too powerful–but no informed, sane person is contending they are not monsters anymore, so that is–something? The rest of the “koans” allude to the environmental and political consequences of neoliberalism. “100% Pure,” a can poem, is an ironic invitation to the immigrants at our southern border to enjoy all we have to offer them.

So far, I have read the first couple of poems in the issue. They contain a stimulating blend of concrete imagery and implicit social commentary. Check it out!

In Other News . . .

Before I Turn Into Gold, the anthology of poems inspired by Leonard Cohen that I wrote about in my last post, is now out in paperback and Kindle editions. You can read more about it here. Thanks again to Editor David O’Nan for including my poem.

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