Two Untitled Poems Up at Litterateur

Photographic reproduction by unknown author of Sandro Botticelli’s Nascita di Venere [The Birth of Venus], ca. 1485. N.D. Wikimedia Commons. PD and PD-U.S.

I am happy to see my two little untitled poems up at Litterateur, Redefining world. I wrote about these poems here. It is nice to see them whimsically set up in the colorful pages of the journal. My thanks to the editors.

I find this journal exceptionally interesting for a number of reasons. Its affiliation with poet and performer Jack Foley intrigues me. What, exactly, is his connection with and influence over the journal? Whatever it may be, I like that Litterateur incorporates the work, in English, of many foreign artists, and I find it interesting to see traditions and styles of anglophone poetry forming in other countries, including India, the home of Litterateur, its principal editors, and many of its writers. It seems to me India, especially, is working out ways to innovate poetry in English with its own fruitful poetic culture.

So head on over and check out Litterateur. As always. I invite you to let me know what you think.

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