Two Poems Accepted by Litterateur

Photographic reproduction by unknown author of Sandro Botticelli’s Nascita di Venere [The Birth of Venus], ca. 1485. N.D. Wikimedia Commons. PD and PD-U.S.

I am happy and grateful to report that the editors of Litterateur, Redefining World, have accepted two untitled poems of mine for their November issue. These poems were both written originally for the Whole Life Soap Haiku Contest, which asks for haiku, with the winner to be put on bars of soap. As far as I can recall, the “haiku” do not have to be 5-7-5, which is not really haiku according to purists. But they do have to be evocative in a way that sells soap, so (as I recall) they are allowed to go beyond the usual range of haiku subjects.

Mine are not real haiku because they are addressing a person who is being commanded to do things–so neither the proper subject matter nor the proper tone for haiku. They also did not win the contest. Still, I have an affection for them, especially the second one, which references Venus on the half shell–hence the photo above. So I have called them “Two Untitled Poems” (they sort of go together), or “Cleanliness Next to Godliness,” if the publication I was submitting them to required a title (Litterateur did not). The title fits because the first poem is about cleanliness, whereas the second mentions Venus.

They are light little things, and I am not surprised it took a while to place them, but I shall be happy to see them next month in the cosmopolitan pages of Litterateur, which is based in Kerala, India, but publishes a global community of writers and artists. I will be checking out more of the journal while I wait. Perhaps you would enjoy it as well.


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