Hat Trick Post

Three good things happened in my creative letters department today, and here they are.

FALLUJAH, Iraq – An assault team from B Company, 1st Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment, Regimental Combat Team 5, conducts a raid on a possible suicide vehicle bomb workshop in Fallujah.

First, my story, “The Jet Black Knight,” is out in 34 Orchard. Issues are free to download (though a $1.99 donation is requested), so please check it out and support the arts as you are able. The editor, Kristi Petersen Schoonover, in addition to being gracious and kind enough to publish my story and send a thank-you pamphlet of her own work to contributors (we were also paid!), significantly improved the story through her suggestions for revision, for which I am grateful.

I wrote about the story here and here. It’s satisfying to have it out there in such good company.

Photo credit: United States Marine Corp, Marines raid Fallujah garage.jpg. 28 May 2006. Wikimedia Commons. PD.

Government buildings along the Spree. Taken by me, summer, 2018.

Second, my poem, “Government Buildings in Berlin, 2018,” has been accepted again, this time by Editor Jordan Blum at The Bookends Review. Editor Blum was kind enough to accept the piece as a reprint, since it will be up at After the Pause first, in December. The poem brings back good memories and reminds people of the importance of beauty and imagination in everything we build as a free society working to be more free, so I am happy it will be doing that work in two different places.

Finally, I am glad to report that my son and I have launched a new series of reviews, this time on the 2005 and following years of Doctor Who and in video. You can find our review of the first 2005 episode, “Rose,” here. We liked it.

Photo credit: Andrew Wong, A picture of the TARDIS as taken at BBC Wales reception. 2005. Wikimedia Commons. CC BY-SA 2.5.