Quick Update on Escape Wheel

Escape Wheel

Photo: Escape Wheel. Taken by me.

Today is Escape Wheel‘s official release, and Editor Jane Ormerod wants to make sure you can get your hands on a copy, as do I, because I want you to read my poem, “Elephant in the Room.” Therefore she sent the following information, which I am sharing:

Website book page

Our preferred way for people to purchase in the US is through our store at bookshop.org. For those that don’t know, bookshop.org was set up as a competitor to Amazon and helps support small publishers and local bookstores. You can buy any book through it.

Escape Wheel can also be ordered through your favorite bookstore, and through  Barnes & Noble, etc.

Internationally, it is available through Hive.co.uk, Book Depository, and all Amazon sites such as amazon.co.uk, amazon.ca, amazon.fr, and any bookstore.

Our main facebook page is here.

Now you know. What are you waiting for?



3 thoughts on “Quick Update on Escape Wheel

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