Palimpsest Poem Accepted by The Sunlight Press


Photo credit: Andreas Horlitz, Archiv Stift Admont, Stiftsbibliothek Admont. 22 September 2005. Wikimedia Commons. PD.

I was happy to learn recently that Editors Rudri Patel and Beth Burrell of The Sunlight Press had accepted my poem, “Again Rubbed (Not Quite) Smooth,” for publication. I was a little worried when I read in their About section that they “want to hear the ways people turn toward light and hope” because I do not generally write about this. But they also said they were interested in how people “respond to the darkness and navigate unknown spaces,” which is right up my alley. So I sent in one ultimately happy poem and two sadder ones, and they chose the grimmest. Who knew?

This poem grew out of a strange and unsettling experience. I realized that a relationship I had thought was caring but just didn’t work out was actually traumatic and abusive. It was upsetting to come to believe that someone I once cared about only wanted to hurt and control me and that I had fallen for his act. It was surreal to have to rewrite my life to reflect what I believe to be a more accurate understanding, and for a while I felt unsure about all my relationships. 

But some good did come from this experience. First, knowledge is power, even if it doesn’t feel that way at first. I have belatedly learned a lot and put the experience behind me. I also got two poems out of the whole thing, one of which is “Again Rubbed (Not Quite) Smooth,” in which the idea of the palimpsest becomes a metaphor for the way we all have to rewrite our lives all the time.

I look forward to having my palimpsest poem published in The Sunlight Press, and in the meantime I will enjoy checking out their poems, whether light and hopeful or otherwise.



3 thoughts on “Palimpsest Poem Accepted by The Sunlight Press

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