“‘Difficulties on Theory'” Up on Scars.tv Site


My flash fiction, “‘Difficulties on Theory,'” about a closeted Darwinist, is up today here. Find my name on the left and click on it, and you can read my story. It will be out in print in February, 2021. Although I was not respectful in my portrayal of the youth minister who recommends intelligent design to the protagonist of my story, I am respectful towards his fundamentalist father, and his girlfriend is earnest and well-meaning, if misguided.

Before the ascendancy of the current occupant of the White House, I believed it was important to find common ground with fundamentalists. While I still believe they should have religious freedom, I am alarmed at their willingness to jettison democratic values and institutions to impose theocratic fascism. While many people want to unite the country, the damage done by those who sacrificed all human decency for political power will not be quickly undone. It seems to me no coincidence that the ancestors of many of these people were supporters of slavery and segregation.

On this Juneteenth, I hope that the call for union will not once again, as after Reconstruction, entail throwing minorities under the bus. And as COVID-19 continues to ravage the U.S., especially in states that have rejected science to follow our fascist leader who does not lead, I hope we can forge a new way forward, one where those who embrace fundamentalism will no longer be allowed to endanger the rest of us. 


Photo credit: Unknown source. Charles Darwin. Wikimedia Commons. GFDL.

2 thoughts on ““‘Difficulties on Theory'” Up on Scars.tv Site

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