Flash Fiction on Doubtful Darwinist Accepted by CC&D


One day a young man in my neck of the woods approached his teacher and asked, “Can I talk to you about anything?”

“Yes,” said the teacher, anticipating something along the lines of “I’m gay.”

But as it turned out, it was something else, something just as bad. The young man believed in evolution. He hadn’t been able to bring himself to tell his girlfriend or anyone in his family the truth about his orientation.

I don’t believe I have ever met this young man, but his plight seemed to call out for a story, so I portrayed a wholly imaginary character from a similar background in a similar predicament.

This story was a hard sell, perhaps because I did not treat fundamentalist Christianity respectfully. But it has found a home at last with cc&d (short for “children, churches and daddies“), which bills itself as “The Unreligious, Non-Family-Oriented Literary and Art Magazine.”

With lightning speed (less than 24 hours), cc&d’s Editor in Chief, Janet Kuypers, accepted my flash fiction and offered publication in at least a print and online issue, but possibly in several collections as well. I am grateful to her for providing a home for this piece, which I feel is deserving despite the number of years it’s been kicked around. 


Photo credit: Unknown source. Charles Darwin. Wikimedia Commons. GFDL.

5 thoughts on “Flash Fiction on Doubtful Darwinist Accepted by CC&D

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