Two Poems Out in DASH Today


Photo of DASH Literary Journal taken by me. 12 June 2020.

It was a nice surprise when my copy of DASH Literary Journal arrived this morning. As you can see, the cover is full of interest and suggests the variety of worlds within. (I could have taken a better photo of the cover, but I am anxious about violating the copyright of the artwork, so I just tried to give an idea.) The journal is fat and inviting, though I plan to finish the 2008 edition I was able to find first, so I will defer most of my gratification (I did take a peek at the bios, as discussed below).

Unfortunately, the professor who teaches the California State University, Fullerton, class that produces DASH informs me they are not allowed to sell extra copies, so I can’t tell you how to get one. But it is still satisfying to see my poems (which I wrote about here) in such an attractive journal.

If you should ever get your hands on DASH, or any other journal that does unconventional bios of contributors, I would suggest that these make entertaining reading. DASH does six-word bios, and many of them are great fun. Reading them one after another is like savoring a box of assorted chocolates. I hesitate to share other people’s because they are original creations, and I can tell you they can be hard work to think up. Mine was “Creates while social distancing with cats,” which was not the most boring, but by no means the funniest or the one that makes you think the most.

 I hope that you, too, are reading good things, staying safe and creative, and protesting against injustice as able.


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