“Elf Houses” Accepted Again!


Tree in a park near my house. Taken by me. 22 Feb. 2020.

Today I received the welcome news that my story, “Elf Houses,” which appeared in 2015 in Between Worlds Zine, has now been accepted by Doubleback ReviewDoubleback publishes pieces that have appeared in now-defunct journals. It operates under the umbrella of Sundress Publications, which is dedicated to resurrecting both journal and small-press casualties of what Doubleback calls our “churn and burn culture.”

I think this is a fantastic idea, and I am especially grateful to Fiction Editor Samantha Edmonds for seeing merit in my story, “Elf Houses,” which is based on a game I used to play of building houses for imaginary elves outside, and also on less happy aspects of my childhood. It is the first horror story I ever wrote, and I believe it should live again to chill more people.

As always, I will be familiarizing myself with the journal while waiting for my work to appear. I can’t wait to encounter all the resurrected zombies.

2 thoughts on ““Elf Houses” Accepted Again!

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