“Loquats in Vienna” Out at Last in Leaves of Loquat V

450px-Eriobotrya_japonica3Photo credit: Oldie~commonswiki, Eriobotrya japonica. Wikimedia Commons. GDSL 1.2 or later.

Faithful readers of this blog may possibly remember that in 2018 I won second prize in the Loquat Literary Festival. As part of the prize, my poem, which I am particularly fond of because it is about my husband and me, was to be published in Leaves of Loquat IV with other contributors to the festival. But when the volume arrived, I found it only contained half of my poem. 

The Loquat Festival, including its literary part, is run by kind, generous, caring people who have lives and do other things, too. So when the contrite editor promised to include my entire poem in the next edition of Leaves of Loquat, I was gratified, but uncertain whether this would actually occur.

I must now apologize for underestimating Dell DeChant and all the excellent people involved with the festival. Leaves of Loquat V arrived today, and it includes not only all of my poem, “Loquats in Vienna,” but also the usual quirky mix of local contributors and  prize-winning writers from all over. I am already almost finished reading.

Copies of Leaves of Loquat V are available from Ecology Florida for, I believe, a small contribution. Pick yours up today, and, as always, please let me know what you think of my poem.



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