“Gutman to the Rescue” Accepted, Again


Faithful readers will remember when I sold a story for the princely sum of $500. Alas, the magazine rather shadily went out of business before publishing, though not before paying me and giving me some sound editorial advice. I was out $60 for the subscription I bought, but the first issue was nice.

After that experience, I submitted the piece anywhere that seemed likely to publish it. It had already been around a good bit, and I figured since it had earned me $500, anything else was gravy. Now I am happy to report that my superhero story, “Gutman to the Rescue,” has again been placed, this time much more modestly, in a new online journal, Daikaijuzine, devoted to publishing sci-fi, fantasy, and horror as varied as the monsters referenced in its name. Many thanks to Editor Richard S. Crawford, for including my piece in the first issue. 

I am fond of this story, a funny tale about a superhero who gets divorced and tries a superhero dating service, and I look forward to its appearance in print, and to seeing what else Daikaijuzine has in store.

Gif credit: Simon Kirby,  SelinaMedium. 2006. Wikimedia Commons. CC0 1.0 Universal
Public Domain Dedication.

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