One More Thing About OWT’s Fiction Contest

image_939574f4-3c46-463f-ad7b-a67c17fcf562.img_2780My rollaway, taken by me.

It was great news when I co-won third prize in the Online Writing Tips Short Fiction Competition. The site also offered to publish my story, even though the terms of the contest guaranteed publication only for the winner. Although I was grateful for the offer, the story was under consideration at a prestigious publication, and though I always assume rejection, my hopes were buoyed enough by the contest judges that I asked if I might let OWT know after I’d heard from places where the story was already under review. The ever-gracious manager of OWTPhilip Bowne, gave me a generous amount of time to let him know my decision.

Sadly, the other place was not as appreciative of “The Rollaway” as OWT, but happily the story has a home and will appear in due course. Although I cannot say I “enjoyed” the first-prize winner’s story, which was especially hard for me as a violinist to read, I appreciate the strengths of the first- and second-prize stories from the contest, and it is good to know my story will be in distinguished company.

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