Cozy Mystery Accepted at Mysterical-E


I am happy to report that my cozy, “The Case of the Careless Cat,” has been accepted by Mysterical-E. Earlier, they published my homage to Raymond Chandler, Café Noir, and I look forward to appearing in this mystery venue again.

“The Case of the Careless Cat” is the first cozy mystery I’ve written. It’s set in a Plains State farm town inspired by visits to family in Nebraska, and I like the characters and the  narrator’s voice (it’s narrated by my detective figure who is, of course, way ahead of the actual detective in the town). I originally wrote it in response to a call for submissions of brief stories, so I’m not sure how well the mystery works, but I still find it a charming bit of fluff, and I am happy it will soon be out. I’m even thinking of writing more stories using the same characters and setting.

The photo is our own, pretty careful cat, Merlin, taken by me.

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