“The Big Dream” Up on Litro Lab Podcast

Howell Carnegie District Library

I am excited to have my second gender-reversed homage to Raymond Chandler (the first, “Cafe Noir,” is here) up on the Litro (USA) Lab Podcast. A library is involved, hence the picture, above.

I originally recorded my dramatic reading of this noir psychomachia about writer’s block, complete with music clips pulled from Public Domain noir films, for a contest. Only after it went nowhere there did I realize how few potential outlets there are for such work. But I followed my policy of persevering with work I believe in, even submitting it to Litro New York, though I had no idea whether my amateur production would interest a venue of their caliber and sophistication.

When I submitted, “Litro New York,” as it was called at first, had not even been launched, so my piece sat in Submittable for over a year, after which I had lost hope that it would find favor at such a prestigious venue. It was therefore a delightful surprise to find that they did like it. I hope you will, too.

Photo credit: RaboKarbakian. Howell Carnegie District Library in Howell, MI. 27 September 2015. CC BY-SA 1.0.

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