Homework from Five:2:One #thesideshow

I am happy to report that my poem, “Can #8: Aquafina Sparkling,” has been accepted by #thesideshow part of Five:2:One Magazine.

What does this have to do with an obscure Roger Corman film trying to cash in on America’s Cold War relations with Cuba  that I found in public domain? Well,  the staff at #thesideshow had a lot of homework for me. In addition to the usual “follow us on Facebook and Twitter,” “Send a photo,” etc., they want me to read my poem and jazz it up a bit. And since from “Aquafina Sparkling” I derived “Aquafin King,” a charming but totalitarian potentate/supervillain, I’m thinking of incorporating material from the Corman film in my presentation (“Morning Mood” from The Peer Gynt Suite may also make an appearance).  

Whatever happens, it will all be over by March 10th, when #thesideshow will post the piece. I’ll remind you, and you can go see what I perpetrated.


4 thoughts on “Homework from Five:2:One #thesideshow

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