Valentine’s Day Flash Up in Every Day Fiction

8471582899_5f46379692_mThe story I wrote about here is now up in Every Day Fiction. It is a Valentine’s Day story for curmudgeons, or perhaps the recently, bitterly divorced, or those about to be. You’ve been warned.

When I read about the effects of space radiation on the brain, I immediately wanted to use this in a story. Initially I wrote a version of the second half of my flash for a contest calling for 500-word flash fictions on Valentine’s Day that Apex Magazine was running. When the story didn’t win, I cast about for another market and was fortunate enough to find helpful and understanding editors at Every Day Fiction who helped me transform it into something better.

So if your relationship with your loved one is strong and enduring, or if you want to churn up all your feelings of hatred and resentment all over again, check out the story here. And please vote and comment! We authors live for that.

Photo credit: Debora, Happy Valentine’s Day, 13 Jan. 2013. CC BY-NC 2.0.

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