Valentine’s Flash Accepted by Every Day Fiction


I’m pleased to report that my flash science fiction/horror, “My Feeble Valentine,” has been accepted by Every Day Fiction and will appear there on Valentine’s Day. This was an interesting acceptance process, since I first submitted only the second part of the story. Although the readers liked it, they felt it was too cryptic, so then I wrote the first part and resubmitted. Then they accepted it, but the editor in chief rated it as “marginal” and recommended more revision. Not wanting to displease him, I put in still more elaboration and then cut fifty words to get it back down to their 1,000-word limit.

I like the result, and appreciate the feedback and opportunities to revise. Also, I am proud to have been accepted by Every Day Fiction, which pays a bit and is the first Canadian journal to accept my work for publication. I look forward to their review/comment process, which I hope will give me even more insights into this story.

In other news, I am Associate Editor of Gemini Magazine, and the editor, David Bright, liked my audio found poem, “Can #4: Friskies Chicken and Salmon in Gravy,” so much that he is featuring a link to it on Gemini‘s home page. I wrote about my can poems herehere, and here. I’m flattered that David liked this one so much and really appreciate the advertising. 

I encourage you to visit Gemini, not only to click on the link to my poem and check it out, but also to sample the eclectic, high-quality literary fare there. And of course, please look out for my Valentine’s Day story in Every Day Fiction

Photo credit: Debora, Happy Valentine’s Day, 13 Jan. 2013. CC BY-NC 2.0.

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