Faux Haiku Up in Gnu Journal


My faux haiku (see here for its acceptance and here for why it’s faux) is up in Gnu Journal. I have been reading the poetry they published since they accepted the poem, and it is good. I especially like A City’s Insides, by Alex Wells Shapiro.

I wrote my poem back in October, when my region was experiencing drought, bright sun every day, and no seasonal turn in the weather, and when we were all following election coverage daily. In retrospect, it seems to me not only to comment ominously on climate change, but also to convey a more generalized dread. Please check it out here.


Photo credit: Rocky Raybell, Sun October 27 179. Oct. 27, 2014. CC 2.0. https://flic.kr/p/pymxLB. Only size was altered.



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