Poetry Reading for Luminous Echoes

Tom Daley, one of the poets published in Into the Void‘s anthology of runners-up from its poetry competition, has volunteered to host a poetry reading of all the poems in Luminous Echoes! The reading will be in Somerville, MA, in May, 2016.

I am honored to be in such good company in the volume and happy to go to this reading. I have not participated in a reading since grad school. Those readings were mostly disasters, but I’m a much better writer now. Perhaps I am ready to hang out with the cool kids.

6 thoughts on “Poetry Reading for Luminous Echoes

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    • I mainly look at four listings: new pages.com, darkmarkets.com, Submishmash (Submittable newsletter) and authorspublish.com. Then I just submit for every opportunity I can, except I never spend money on fees unless someone has paid me for my writing. That money I plow back into occasional contest/submission/mailing fees. I also start at the top and work my way down, using pages that list opportunities by pay or quality, for example ralan.com for speculative fiction and poetry.


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