Prose Poem accepted by Cacti Fur

In spring of 2015 I had a haiku published in issue 1 of Cacti Fur. I was especially happy that Jim Thompson, the poetry editor, liked the haiku because after I wrote it, I discovered that the world of haiku publications is a rarefied one, in which I felt myself something of an ignoramus. For example, while I was aware that the 5-7-5 syllable rule is a bit silly, since  it does not properly convey the constraint of the form in its native Japanese, I didn’t know that writing English haiku in the 5-7-5 format is considered gauche in haiku expert circles.

Here is an explanation: ” . . .[M]ost haiku poets in North America have become aware that 17 English syllables convey a great deal more information than 17 Japanese syllables, and have come to write haiku in fewer syllables, most often in three segments that follow a short-long-short pattern without a rigid structure” (Keiko Imaoka, “Forms in English Haiku”).

Going forward, I will certainly keep this in mind on those rare occasions when I get a wild hair to write more haiku. But in the meantime, I’m fond of my faux haiku in Cacti Fur, and proud that Jim Thompson send me an email asking if I might have anything more to submit. For a while I didn’t, but he has now accepted another submission, a prose poem called, “My parents’ books will be the death of me.” I look forward to sharing it when it is up on the Cacti Fur site.


2 thoughts on “Prose Poem accepted by Cacti Fur

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