Different Again: Forthcoming in Mysterical-E

I like to play around in different genres. The mystery seems to me to be one of the hardest ones because you have to be so careful to structure the plot well without its seeming too contrived. About a year ago, after seeing The Big Sleep again and still not really understanding it, I decided to learn from the master and read some Raymond Chandler.

I enjoyed his metaphors so much that I decided to incorporate them in two homages: a gender-reversed noir story, and a sort of noir psychomachia (more on that when I place it). When I finished the gender-reversed story, I wasn’t at all sure about the plot, but rereading it a few months ago, I thought it was OK, and pretty funny. I’m pleased that even such an obviously sexist genre can be reversed, and I like my detective, Marla Phillips. Also, I’m proud of the great metaphors I came up with. They’re all in the spirit of Chandler, but none is copied from him.

All of that is why I’m so pleased that Mysterical-E has accepted my story, “Café Noir,” for an upcoming issue. They have a serious editing process I’m waiting to hear more about, but I’ll be sure to post as soon as I know when the story will be up.

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