And Now for Something Completely Different


So, Dark Magic, the anthology containing my scifi/horror story, “Feedback Loop,” is on sale now through November 5th for $9.99 for print, $1.99 for Kindle copies. Take advantage!

But also, I have just had three poems accepted by ShufPoetry, which plans to issue them by the middle of the month! I am excited by this because ShufPoetry is edited by two award-winning poets and is dedicated to cutting-edge, dynamic, never boring or stuffy, multimedia work. Check out Issue 5 here.

When I found myself at loose ends after finishing a draft of my novel (not yet published) last year, I decided to try writing some found poetry. Taking a page from Andy Warhol, I used the text on a can in my cupboard to inspire and furnish material for a poem. I then found that magazines publishing that sort of thing were few and far between. “Experimental” usually seems to mean unpredictable combinations of images, not the sort of surreal, fragmented superimpositions I had created.

Before I could give up, however, and after I had written two more of them, the editors at the wonderful Experimementos made me the featured poet of issue 2, which you can read here. This encouraged me to finish up my “can” series by using the rest of the cans I had in my cupboard at the time.

I chose to submit to ShufPoetry partly because I liked their multimedia approach, and partly because their rejection of my first “can” effort challenged me. I gussied my last can poems up in ways that seemed appropriate to each, and–success! I look forward to sharing these.


2 thoughts on “And Now for Something Completely Different

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